Rajendra Nehete


Dear Seniors and friends,

It is an honour for me to take up the post of the Secretary of Brachial Plexus Surgery Group of India. The group was started with the goal of spreading the information on brachial plexus injury and its sequalae among the public and medical fraternity. In a condition where timing of seeking the correct treatment is of great importance, awareness among the masses is important. In Brachial Plexus Surgery it is equally important to spread this message among our colleagues also. The Group was also meant to create guidelines on management and spread the latest techniques among the treating surgeons.

When we see the need in the society of our services, it is huge but still timely utilization of our expertise is very less. We are more than 100 brachial plexus surgeons spread across the length and breadth of our country. If each one takes upon himself in creating awareness and spreading the knowledge regarding the treatment, it will benefit the whole society.

Our responsibility also lies in creating awareness regarding safety on our roads and preventing these devastating injuries from happening. Advocacy and spreading the right information among the public and policy makers is equally important.

The treatment of Brachial plexus injury is standardized across our country. The need of the hour is to collect data and audit outcomes. We need to come up with large volume data and present them in national and international forums.

We need to also educate our physiotherapists and occupational therapists who are the first point of contact for many patients. In the modern era of information overload, giving proper guidance through our online presence is especially important. The group's objective is also to meet every two years and discuss the latest in the management and deliberate the emerging trends.

We have come a long way in the last two decades and have a very bright future. I request all members to take up one initiative and take our group forward. The best way to start is each one teaches one junior colleague.

With regards,

Dr.Hari Venkataramani

Consultant Plastic Surgeon,

Ganga Medical Centre & Hospitals Pvt Ltd,

313, Mettupalayam Road,

Coimbatore - 641 043.

Tamil Nadu, India.