Minutes of the General Body meeting held on 14/11/2015 at Clarks Amer, Jaipur

Dr. Anil Bhatia thanked Dr. Kalra for the good meeting that he has organized.


Suggested to have Webinar sessions one or twice a year. It’ll help in spreading awareness about brachial plexus surgery and wanted live surgeries as well.

Dr. Purushotaman suggested once a month a new case can posted in the discussion forum of the new website “brachialplexussurgerygroupofindia”.

Dr. AK Gupta welcomed the suggestion He raised the point that a number of people are attending different groups Mid year meeting should be more advanced level Beginners must be encouraged.

Dr A Bhatia suggested to have the mid term meeting in lower levels as beginners can participate and start to do surgery.

Dr. Kalra also suggested it should be for learning.

Dr. Purushothaman brought it to notice that there are 73 members but only 22 have attended DrNehete suggested that we have to publicize that anyone who is doing can join Dr AK Gupta – some criteria must be laid out which was agreed by Dr Bhatia. He also suggested that meeting attendance must be linked with membership. Dr. Purushothaman suggested that there must be no restrictions. Pay Rs 7500/- and be member.

Dr SRS suggested change criteria as “ interest in brachial plexus surgery” as te criteria. Willing t pay Rs 7500/- itself is an interest in BP surgery Dr. M Thatte suggested mid term course/ seminar needed. Webinar may not work.

Dr. AK Gupta said cadaver course good idea. Medical colleges best place to do it Dr. PS Bhandari should take lead Dr. PSB said point taken. Good idea Next year should have cadaver workshop.

Dr. Purushothaman. We need to register or society. DrGBalakrishnanan to take lead.

Prof Venkataswami has transferred 2.63 lakhs to start an oration. But EC wants atleast 5L – 10 L to start an oration.

Dr A Koul donated 1.88 L after the conference.

Dr. AK Gupta said the name and criteria must be worked out.

Dr. SRS said that Rs. 6.23 lakhs is there in the official account in Coimbatore. There are no expenses. So could be used for oration.

Dr. AK Gupta said life membership money cannot be used for other purposes and should be only a corpus.

Dr. GB agreed with it and suggested the money collected from conferences must be used for oration.

Dr. AK Gupta said donations can also be accepted.

Dr. Purushothaman said the next meeting will be at Mangalore.

Dr Dinesh Kadam said it will be in January / feb 2017. He welcomed everyone for the meeting.

Dr. Purushothaman wanted to host the 2019 meeting at Chennai which everyone agreed

Dr. Anil Bhatia stepped down as President and welcomed Dr PS Bhandari. Said medal was at Coimbatore and he has not got it. Dr. SRS to look into it

Dr. Koul proposed the name of Dr. Nehete for secretaryship. Dr AK Gupta suggested Dr. Kalra.

DrSRS said that Dr. Kalra is a very senior person and so he has to be the next president. No need to become secretary.

Dr. AK Gupta said secretary post is not a small post

Dr. Kalra said he preferred DrNehete for the post.

DrNehete thanked DrKalra for the gesture.

New council members are,Dr GS Kalra has been elected as a new council member in place of DR.Shrikant,who finished his term ,DR Koul has been requested to continue .